By Megan Patterson

Once there were four kids - Jennifer, Max, Robert and Sherry. The four of them sat on a bench with nothing to do and altogether they gave out a big sigh.

"Oh, I have an idea," said Sherry. "Let's play hopscotch."

"Nah, too girlish," said Max.

"Do you want to jog around the block?" said Jennifer.

"Nah, too hot," said Sherry.

"You want to go to my house to get a lemonade?" said Robert.

"Sure," said Max.

"OK," said Sherry.

"Fine," said Jennifer.

And off they went to Robert's house. They all had lemonade and a snack. Then they went to watch TV. They flicked through the channels and there was nothing on but news.

"I'm bored," said Max.

Then Robert's mom came in with bubble bottle. They blew on their bubble sticks and watched them float in the air. All except Max's bubble. He blew it bigger and bigger until it was the size of the house. It started to float away.

Sherry jumped into the bubble and couldn't get out. Jennifer, Robert and Max jumped into the bubble, too. They floated all the way up to where the clouds were.

"We'll never get down," said Sherry. "Oh, no a plane is coming straight toward us!"

"We're going to die," said Robert. Jennifer jumped up and down. "What are you doing?" said Sherry.

"I'm trying to move the bubble. Can you help?" said Jennifer.

"Sure," said Sherry.

Then everyone was jumping and they moved the bubble just in time as the plane swept by.

They were getting closer to the Empire State Building. They were just a centimetre away then "Pop!" they were flying down the Empire State Building and landed on a truck filled with pillows.

"I don't want to even think about what would have happened if this truck hadn't been here," said Sherry.

"Cool, let's do it again," said Max.

Everybody looked at him and walked away, laughing. "What? Was it something I said?, asked Max.