Talent: Ralph Lockwood

Station: 980 CKGM, Montreal
Date: July 3, 1973

When it comes to the classic Top 40 radio ‘’one-man show’’ morning host, look no further than to the legendary Ralph ‘’The Birdman’’Lockwood on Montreal’s 980 CKGM from 1972 to year-end of 1981. Prior to his arrival at CKGM, Ralphie is already a master of his craft as of 1968 hosting AM drive on rival Top 40 outlet, 1470 CFOX. His arrival on CKGM mornings is a key element in the station’s unprecedented popularity and success during the 70s and signals the beginning of the end for CFOX.

Although he eventually leaves Montreal to return home to Pennsylvania radio in 1988, Lockwood is still fondly remembered by all today as the master of the one liner and of the latest groaner, always delivered with impeccable timing and often with back-up assistance from his zany cast of characters. Mention ‘’Ralph Lockwood’’ and legions of Montrealers still today recall The Birdman’s daily greeting of ‘’How’s Your Bird ?’’ which he also delivered, tongue firmly-in-cheek, in Greek, Italian, Polish, Ukrainian and French.

The latest word has Ralph currently on-air as a spokesperson on WQXA radio in the East York Pennsylvania

area for a chain of family-owned Chevrolet automobile dealerships for which he also sells vehicles. Bet your bird he’s the funniest guy on the air…and on the lot ! As well, Ralphie tries to return to Montreal to visit once a year, usually on his birthday which he celebrates with old friends and colleagues at Montreal’s legendary ribs and chicken eatery, The Bar B Barn.

On this aircheck from July of 1973, veteran newsman Robert Vairo and sultry traffic reporter Terri Stacey are also featured. Hear Ralph cleverly use a fictional phone call from Expos’ baseball hero Boots Day to set-up his latest joke and throw it to Professor Frydock for a couple of laughs as well. Let us not forget that yummy Colt cigar for breakfast either !

Enjoy Ralph Lockwood on CKGM here


(The Dan Kowal Collection) (Description: Marc Denis)